Biomarker Analysis and Biomonitoring

We offer a large portfolio of ISO 17025 accredited methods in biomarker analysis and biomonitoring with more than 40 years of experience! We developed 70+ robust, highly sensitive assays to support your (pre)clinical and epidemiological studies in compliance with GLP, GCP. Our biomarker data were used to support numerous submissions to regulatory agencies.
We offer a large portfolio of bioanalytical methods for exposure assessment and biomarker identification


We provide a range of LC-MS and GC-MS methods for accurate determination of environmental chemicals in biological samples such as urine and serum. Our precision and accuracy help in assessing exposure to environmental chemicals. Our aim is to enhance understanding of these substances' interaction with the human body, promoting health and sustainability.

Tobacco Harm Reduction

With 40 years of experience, ABF is a global leader in bioanalysis of exposure biomarkers related to tobacco and new nicotine products. We've analyzed samples for numerous studies, using the largest set of validated methods in tobacco harm reduction. We continuously develop new methods and strive to stay scientifically updated. Our goal is to responsibly assist clients in introducing new nicotine products. Choose ABF for reliable bioanalysis services.

Bioanalysis of Cannabinoids

ABF leads scientific development with innovative methods for precise cannabis and cannabinoids analysis. Our GLP and GCP compliant CBD and THC assays are vital for pharmacokinetic studies, exposure assessment, and risk evaluation. We aim to support responsible introduction of new products. Choose ABF for reliable and innovative cannabinoid bioanalysis.

Bioanalytical Solutions for Pharma

As an ISO17025 accredited and GLP certified lab, we offer comprehensive bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical industry, supporting all stages of drug development. We specialize in identifying unknown substances, using high-resolution mass spectrometry platforms. With our advanced technology, we ensure quality, accuracy, and swift project turnaround. Our automated data processes make us your top choice for bioanalytical services.

Our service goes beyond sample analysis

We help customers to evaluate and interpret data

ABF is an ISO 17025 accredited and GLP-certified bioanalytical contract research laboratory with more than four decades of experience in method development, validation and application in the field of biomarkers and biomonitoring

Accreditation & Quality Management

ABF holds an accreditation according to ISO17025:2018. All analytical methods are fully validated according to FDA ICH M10 Guidance for Industry -Guidelines on Bioanalytical Method Validation and Study Sample Analysis. ABF's laboratory procedures were established to comply with the principles of GLP and GCP. Our quality system and laboratory work is monitored by internal and external audits on a regular basis. External audits are performed by governmental and accreditation bodies authorities like the LGL (Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety) and the German DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) as well as the Sponsor-initiated in study audits.

What's your need?

We are constantly establishing new bioanalytical methods according to our customers' needs. For any specific request please contact us directly.

Recent Publications & Conference Contributions

April 2024

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Gerhard Scherer, Nikola Pluym, Max Scherer

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