Metabolite Identification

Our untargeted metabolomics strategy follows a top-down approach by making use of a combination of two complementary platforms, LC-Orbitrap-MS (QExactive HFX) and GC-TOF-MS (Markes BenchTOF). Based on the outcome further targeted assays are developed and applied to the same set of samples in order to quantify specific biomarkers of interest. Our untargeted platform can be applied to various projects and matrices, such as the investigation of drug interactions, resolving drug metabolism and identification of biomarkers.
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Exposure to
Analytical Technique
Metabolomics (GC) Urine, Plasma, Saliva, Exhaled Breath GC-TOF-MS
Metabolomics (LC) Urine, Plasma, Saliva LC-Orbitrap-MS

Pioneers in biomarker research

Almost all of the biomarker methods developed at ABF were published in peer-reviewed journals, a fact that supports the validity, transparency and scientific evidence of the bioanalysis especially of importance for regulatory submissions